About Us

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We are Shahnaz and Francois, aka The Cramooz – a contraction of “Cram” (Francois’ family name is Cramer and his nickname is Cram) and Shnooz (Shahnaz’s nickname). We met in September 2011 and got legally married in New York in 2013 before throwing a big party in Mallorca in 2014.

In May 2016 we left NYC for good and embarked on a belated and extended around-the-world honeymoon that lasted almost a year. As of April 2017 we relocated to Portugal where we are still volunteering on farms as we figure out where to set up our own homestead farmstay and eco-tourism project.


Shahnaz’s background is in health and communications. With a degree in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA in healthcare management, she is an avid bookworm and equestrian, and has wanted to live on a farm since she was little. Thanks to her older brother she is a die-hard fantasy and Dungeons & Dragons fan which is one of the reasons she is a sucker for challenges and loves problem-solving. She hates raw tomatoes.

You can find her on Twitter and Medium.

Francois is a third generation watchmaker who finished a Masters’ in Sustainability Management at Columbia University in May 2016. He has had a garden since as far back as he can remember, loves music (Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and The Rolling Stones are some of his faves), and is a self-proclaimed cat person even though he also loves dogs. He can play “Happy Birthday” on a charango and is really good with his hands (TWSS!).

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