Our World Tour

Technically, it was our honeymoon. Except Shahnaz is a commitment-phobe who could not fathom a single destination – or continent. Plus, with the exciting prospect of eventually setting up our own sustainable farm slash eco lodge or B&B slash event space, it was likely this was our one shot at going around the world (which happened to be on our bucket list) to visit different organic farming projects. So we decided to make it happen!

The itinerary included Africa, South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Latin America. The red thread is that we volunteered on organic farms during our trip – with a few bouts of tourism and visiting social businesses interspersed throughout – to learn from others and as a way to refine our vision for what we wanted to do afterwards.

We were lucky to be traveling for almost a year, leaving New York end of May 2016 and coming back to Europe in April 2017. The projects we will be volunteered with were primarily focused on permaculture, with a few others chosen for their location or their specific area of focus (we were particularly excited to learn about chickens and how to grow avocados, for example).

This website was our way of sharing this adventure with family, friends, and anyone else interested in organic farming, permaculture, traveling, good food, and more.

Now we are relocating to Portugal to start on our next adventure, and will continue to share updates on this site (a work in progress as it evolves from a travel blog to something more).

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