If you’re curious about Shahnaz’s/my writer side, you’re in the right place. I write out of my love of adventure and story-telling, and I am a freelance writer too – so if you have a project that might be up my alley, get in touch!

General topics of interest: farming, sustainable agriculture, volunteering, travel, public health, science communication, the writing process, social media and branding, sustainability, impact investing, entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment, work-life balance, pursuing your passion…

I work with different clients and write on topics as diverse as social media use and the science behind anti-aging. Here’s one recent example of an article I wrote for Social Tables, “Social Media for Venues: 10 Must-Try Ideas“.


Beyond that, my main platforms are:

  1. This blog
  2. Medium, under the username @sradjy
  3. Startup Grind (my fave article is “5 business lessons from Game of Thrones“)
  4. Two Drops of Ink, where I am a monthly contributor

That said, I do regularly submit pieces to third parties and sometimes they even get published! (Can you hear the crowd cheering too, or is that just me?) Here’s a sample of some of my favorite articles:


Holstee’s Mindful Matter Blog 


Other Guest Posts



Winner of the Two Drops of Ink Writing Contest, Fall 2018:“My Secret Legacy”


I also juggle side projects (don’t all writers?) so if you’re interested, ask me about NaNoWriMo or that children’s story I might have tucked into a back pocket.

From December 2017 to January 2019, I worked part-time for Pure Portugal, a wonderful community-based website that advertises rural properties for sale in Portugal. Among other things, I frequently contributed to their blog, both in English and French.

Questions? Suggestions? An idea for a collaboration? Need something translated (English – French – Spanish, and maybe from Portuguese if it’s really necessary)? Get in touch!